dvsource-firewire-rtsp(1) FireWire (IEEE1394) video source for DVswitch, using RTSP


dvsource-firewire-rtsp [-t TALLY-SCRIPT ][-v][-c CARD-NUMBER | DEVICE ][--listen-host HOST ][--listen-port PORT ]


dvsource-firewire-rtsp creates a DV over RTSP stream for use with

dvswitch 0.9 or above. Whereas previous versions of dvswitch used a protocol specific to dvswitch, version 0.9 introduces the ability to use DV over RTSP sources, whereby the source is the server, rather than the dvswitch instance.

While the previous protocol is still supported for the time being, in the future dvswitch will move to RTSP as its only supported protocol for sources. For now, however, RTSP support is experimental.


Specify the IEEE1394 card number of video device GUID to use. If not specified, dvsource-firewire-rtsp will use the first available video device.

--listen-host HOST

--listen-port PORT
Specify the IP address and port number on which dvsource-firewire-rtsp is to listen for client connections. In the absence of these options, the default is to on all interfaces on port 8554.
Specify the tally script to run. When this option is absent, dvsource-firewire-rtsp will ignore tally messages. If specified, dvsource-firewire-rtsp will popen (3) the specified script, and send it messages of the form
TALLY: off
to specify whether the tally light should be on or off.
Be verbose. With this, dvsource-firewire-rtsp will output varous bits of information, such as the RTSP URL to use, or when clients connect or disconnect. Highly recommended during testing.


Ben Hutchings.