easy_eliza(1) wrapper around tempest_for_eliza


easy_eliza music file


This program wraps tempest_for_eliza, which displays patterns on a computer monitor that can produce musical tones on AM radios tuned to the proper frequency.

Rather than requiring you to manually getting the parameters of your monitor, easy_eliza detects them at runtime.


The program accepts no additional options.


$ easy_eliza /usr/share/doc/tempest-for-eliza/songs/forelise

Start TFE with the forelise song.


The original idea for tempest_for_eliza was taken from Pekka Riikonen, who wrote the original tempest-AM-0.9 application. tempest_for_eliza was written by Erik Thiele.

easy_eliza was written by Luke Faraone lfar[email protected] to make tempest_for_eliza "dead-simple" to use.

This manual page was written by Luke Faraone [email protected] for the Debian GNU/Linux system, but its use elsewhere is encouraged.