eboard-addtheme(1) a program to easily install new eboard board and


eboard-addtheme P graphics-file description

eboard-addtheme S sound-file


This manual page briefly documents the eboard-addtheme command. This manual page was contributed by the developers of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

eboard-addtheme installs the given theme for eboard. If it has sufficient permissions, it will install the theme in the system themes directory; otherwise, it will install it in ~/.eboard.

eboard-addtheme's behavior depends on its first argument. If this argument is P, a graphics file in the proper format should be provided as the second argument, and the third argument should be a description of the theme. The graphics file will be installed as a new piece/board set. If, on the other hand, this argument is S, a sound file should be provided as the second argument; it will be installed as a new sound theme.

eboard must be restarted after a new theme has been added to notice the addition. Graphics become available in the Settings | Bitmapped Piece Sets submenus, sound files become available in the Sound Event configuration dialog boxes.


This manual page was written by Daniel Burrows <[email protected]> (for the Debian GNU/Linux system) and by Felipe Bergo <[email protected]>.