eidenv(1) utility for accessing visible data from electronic identity cards


eidenv [OPTIONS]


The eidenv utility is used for accessing data from electronic identity cards (like national eID cards) which might not be present in PKCS#15 objects but available in custom files on the card. The data can be printed on screen or used by other programs via environment variables.


--exec prog, -x prog

Executes the given program with data in environment variables.

--help, -h

Print help message on screen.

--print, -p

Prints all data fields from the card, like validity period, document number etc.

--reader num, -r num

Use the given reader. The default is the first reader with a card.

--stats, -t

Prints key usage statistics (only for Estonian ID card).

--version, -v

Prints the version of the utility and exits.

--wait, -w

Wait for a card to be inserted


eidenv utility was written by Stef Hoeben and Martin Paljak <[email protected]>.