einfo.pl(1) query einfo to find all available databases or information about a


einfo [-d database] [-f Field Code] [-l Link Name] [-o outfile]


Command line options:

        Valid email (required by NCBI policy)
        NCBI database to query
        (default = none, which shows available databases)
        print out information about a specific field code
        (default = none)
        print out information about a specific link name
        (default = none)
        (default = STDOUT)
        show this documentation

As per NCBI's policy regarding eutils access, a valid email is required. This is not enforced here (if one is provided you will get a standard warning), but don't be surprised if this doesn't work after June 1, 2010 unless one is supplied.

If -d is not specified, field and link arguments are ignored and all available databases are printed instead.

If either link names or field codes (or both) are specified, nothing else is printed out (only the info requested). You can specify as many fields and/or links as you want by using multiple -f/-l <ARG> on the command line.

AUTHOR - Chris Fields

Chris Fields cjfields at bioperl dot org