oggDump(1) prints out information of ogg video files (.ogv, .ogg or oga)


oggDump [options] outfile.ogv


OggDump gives detailed information about an ogg video file and prints these information with a given detail level.

Ogg files consist of a number of streams (video and audio). From the Ogg-container perspective, the streams are divided into pages. These pages usually have nearly the same size. The pages can be printed out with the -g option.

From the stream perspective, every stream consists of packets. These packets carry a bunch of compressed audio samples in case of a vorbis stream or one video frame in case of a theora video stream. These packets could be of variable length and are places into the ogg pages. To print the packets, use the -p option.


Dumps the stream pages of the file.

Dumps the stream packets.

<level>. Set the dump level (1-5). Default is 5, which means all information are printed.

Prompt for the stream that should be dumped. All other streams are ignored and will not be printed.

<file> Write the dump information to a file.


Joern Seger <yorn at gmx dot net>