ekl2(1) EKG history viewer.


ekl2 [ OPTIONS ] [ SOURCE ]


ekl2 This program prints the conversation history file as created by ekg.


-d +format --date +format 
Sets format of displayed date (see date(1))
Sets log files' location (~/.gg/history by default)
-h --help 
Prints help message.
-L --List 
Prints the list of available log files. (from ~/.gg/history)
-l --sessions [+num] [+off]
Prints the list of sessions in given log file. num  is the number of session to display. off  is the offset between conversations, in minutes (60 by default).
-n --nocolor 
No colors.
-sh --short 
simplified form.
-v --version 
Prints script version.
gg number, nickname or logfile name.