esaudio2pes(1) tool from openCaster suite


Usage: 'esaudio2pes samples_per_frame sample_rate frame_size_without_padding AD_fade_value [pts_offset] [pts_limit] [stream_id]' pts_offset can be used to set a pts different from zero to synch audio to the first video pts pts_limit can be used to limit time length to force audio to end before the last video pts Example for mpeg layer 2 audio with frame size 768 and sample rate 48000: esaudio2pes 1152 48000 768 -1 Example for ac3 audio with frame size 384 and sample rate 48000: esaudio2pes 1536 48000 384 -1 Example for dts audio with nblck 15 e short 31, samples are 16*32: esaudio2pes 512 48000 2012 -1 valid id for audio are 110xxxxx, default is 192