exif_loader(1) upload JPEG/EXIF photos into a DB


exif_loader [-h] [-d pathname] [-D dir_path | -f file_name] [--any-exif | --gps-exif-only] [--metadata | --no-metadata]


exif_loader is a tool for uploading JPEG/EXIF photos into a DB, preserving full Exif metadata and building Geometry from GPS tags (if present).


-h, --help
print help message
-d pathname, --db-path pathname
the SpatiaLite db path
-D dir_path, --dir dir_path
the DIR path containing EXIF files
-f file_name, --file-path file_name
a single EXIF file
don't limit to GPS only EXIF tags (default)
only load GPS EXIF tags
also load EXIF meta data (default)
don't load any EXIF meta data