ezmlm-check(1) Mails back results of ezmlm list check


ezmlm-check [ -sS ] [dir]


ezmlm-check mails useful environment variables to SENDER via qmail-inject. It is usually invoked for debugging purposes in a .qmail file to determine the value of relevant environment variables. If dir is specified, ezmlm-check attempts to evaluate the ezmlm mailing list set up in dir and return information about the setup as well as possible errors.

ezmlm-check will flag errors with ``??? ERROR'', likely errors with ``???'', and potential errors/problems with ``!!!''.

If ezmlm-check is invoked from the shell, it will print to stdout. In this case, diagnostics are more limited, since important environment variables normally supplied by qmail are not available.


(Default.) List subscribers.
Do not list subscribers.