fastaselect(1) select fasta sequences in a file


This script selects fasta sequences in a file according to names given in a name file. Given a FASTA file (and possibly a FASTA quality file) and a file with names of reads, select the sequences from the input FASTA (and quality file) and writes them to an output FASTA.

If fasta quality file is present (same basename, but with .qual appended), then also selects sequences from there.

Please check out the documentation below for more detailed information.


fastaselect <options>


name filename containing all fasta sequences
name filename containing all names of sequences to select
-outfile name
filename where to write selcted sequences to


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The author of the mira code is Bastien Chevreux <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Andreas Tille <[email protected]> but can be freely used for any other distribution.