fdnsmxalist(1) resolve a list of MX records and their corresponding A records for hostname


fdnsmxalist [-x] <hostname>


fdnsmxalist will attempt to look up a list of MX records for hostname. If any are found, they are printed to standard output seperated by newlines in the format:

Protocol (Priority) hostname:port

The program then looks up lists of A and AAAA records for each MX record, and prints them to standard output, one IP per line. Lines are printed to standard output starting with "ERROR: " if any MX records have no corresponding A or AAAA records, are CNAMEs (an RFC violation), or have A or AAAA records which point to non-routable IP addresses.

If the -x switch is passed on the command line, the program outputs machine-parsable XML instead of the human-readable tree.

Exit codes for the program are:

0 - Everything looks fine
1 - An MX has a non-routable IP
2 - An MX doesn't exist
3 - An MX is a CNAME
4 - An MX is an IP address
100 - Invalid syntax
103 - DNS timeout or host does not have MX records


Ian Gulliver <[email protected]>