FileBrowser(3) browse and/or select file names


#include <InterViews/filebrowser.h>


FileBrowser is a StringBrowser that displays file names. In addition to the standard StringBrowser constructor parameters, the FileBrowser constructor takes a directory name as an argument. The FileBrowser scans the corresponding directory, appending the file names to its list of strings. FileBrowser lets the user choose a file name, and the application queries the FileBrowser for the chosen file.


FileBrowser(ButtonState*, const char* dir, int rows, int cols, boolean uniqueSel, int highlight, const char* done)
FileBrowser(const char* name, ButtonState*, const char*, int, int, boolean, int, const char*)
Create a new FileBrowser object. The ButtonState, rows, cols, uniqueSel, highlight, done, and name parameters have semantics identical to those of the corresponding StringBrowser parameters. The dir parameter specifies the directory to search for file names. Internally, FileBrowser prepends dir to relative path specifications in operations that require them, thus avoiding a chdir(2).
boolean IsADirectory(const char*)
Return whether or not the given relative path corresponds to a valid directory.
boolean SetDirectory(const char* newdir)
Change the search directory to newdir if that directory is accessible. The function returns true if successful.
const char* GetDirectory()
Return the name of the search directory.
const char* ValidDirectories(const char* path)
Given a path string, return the largest substring (starting from the beginning of path) that represents a valid path. The substring is returned in a static buffer and should be copied before use.
const char* Normalize(const char* path)
Return a normalized version of path with all spurious slashes, dots, and tildes interpreted. The normalized path is returned in a static buffer and should be copied before use.
const char* Path(int i)
Return the ith string as it appears in the FileBrowser. This function prepends the search directory to the string, normalizes the concatenation, and returns the result.
void RereadDirectory()
Rescan the current directory without updating the FileBrowser's appearance.
virtual void Update()
Rescan the current directory and update the FileBrowser's appearance to reflect any changes in the set of files it should display.
void SetTextFilter(const char*)
void SetDirectoryTextFilter(const char*)
void SetModeFilter(int)
void SetDirectoryModeFilter(int)
By default, FileBrowser displays all the files and directories it finds in the search directory. These functions provide some control over the entries that FileBrowser displays. SetTextFilter specifies a regular expression (see Regexp(3I)) to match against file names. SetDirectoryTextFilter serves a similar role for directory names. SetModeFilter and SetDirectoryModeFilter specify the mode (see chmod(1)) that displayed files and directories should have. Only files and directories that match both the regular expression and the mode will appear in the FileBrowser. Passing nil for the regular expression or 0 for the mode restores the default behavior.


void UpdateStrings()
Explicitly update the FileBrowser's appearance to reflect any changes in the set of files it should display without rescanning the directory.
virtual boolean Acceptable(const char*)
Return whether the given file name is an acceptable name. By default, files that conform to the text or mode filter specifications are acceptable. Only acceptable files will be displayed by UpdateStrings.