Finance::Quote::MtGox(3) Obtain information from Mt.Gox


use Finance::Quote;
$q = Finance::Quote->new;
%info = Finance::Quote->fetch("mtgox_usd", "BTC");
%info = Finance::Quote->fetch("mtgox_eur", "LTC");


This module fetches information from Mt.Gox. The following symbols are currently known:
BTC: Bitcoin
LTC: Litecoin (market not yet operational)
NMC: Namecoin (market not yet operational)

The following methods provide prices directly from Mt.Gox, in each of the currency markets that they operate.

mtgox_aud: Australian Dollar
mtgox_cad: Canadian Dollar
mtgox_chf: Swiss Franc
mtgox_cny: Yuan Renminbi
mtgox_dkk: Danish Krone
mtgox_eur: Euro
mtgox_gbp: Pound Sterling
mtgox_hkd: Hong Kong Dollar
mtgox_jpy: Yen
mtgox_nok: Norweigan Krone
mtgox_nzd: New Zealand Dollar
mtgox_pln: Zloty
mtgox_rub: Russian Ruble
mtgox_sek: Swedish Kronor
mtgox_sgd: Singapore Dollar
mtgox_thb: Baht
mtgox_usd: US Dollar

In addition, ``bitcoin_$market'' methods are provided in case failover to other exchanges is desirable. These methods will return data for other digital currencies than Bitcoin; the currency for which data is retrieved is determined by the symbol name passed to the method.

Mt.Gox operates a multi-currency market, where all offers across all markets are amalgamated into a common pool. Trades between markets are matched using the European Central Bank's daily exchange rate, plus a 2.5% fee included in the price.


ask: lowest asking price
bid: highest offer price
currency: currency of retrieved quote
date, time: time of last trade
exchange: always 'Mt.Gox'
last: last trade price
method: fetching method used
timezone: always UTC