fitgrid(3) interpolate 1d and 2d data


Fitgrid is a package for interpolating one dimensional and two dimensional data. The package has the following functionality:

1.) Interpolating single-valued functions in one dimension.
2.) Interpolating parametric curves in the plane.
3.) Computing an interpolatory surface through a rectangular grid of functional values.
4.) Interpolating periodic functions in one dimension.
5.) Finding integrals and derivatives of interpolated functions.


FORTRAN single precision

 CURV1   -  does set-up for CURV2. 

 CURV2   -  1D interpolation for non-periodic functions.

 CURVD   -  derivatives for 1D functions.

 CURVI   -  integrals for 1D functions.

 CURVP1  -  does set-up for CURVP2 .

 CURVP2  -  1D interpolation for periodic functions.

 CURVPI  -  integrals for periodic functions.

 CURVS   -  does smoothing and set-up for CURV2.

 CURVPS  -  does smoothing for periodic functions.

 KURV1   -  does set-up for KURV2.

 KURV2   -  interpolation for parametric curves.

 KURVD   -  derivatives for parametric curves.

 KURVP1  -  set-up for KURVP2.

 KURVP2  -  interpolation for closed parametric curves.

 KURVPD  -  derivatives for closed parametric curves.

 SURF1   -  set-up for SURF2.

 SURF2   -  2D interpolation for gridded data.

C single precision:

 c_ftcurv    -  1D interpolation for non-periodic functions.

 c_ftcurvd   -  derivatives for 1D functions.

 c_ftcurvi   -  integrals for 1D functions.

 c_ftcurvp   -  1D interpolation for periodic functions.

 c_ftcurvpi  -  integrals for periodic functions.

 c_ftcurvs   -  does smoothing for non-periodic functions.

 c_ftcurvps  -  does smoothing for periodic functions.

 c_ftkurv    -  interpolation for parametric curves.

 c_ftkurvp   -  interpolation for closed parametric curves.

 c_ftkurvd   -  derivatives for parametric curves.

 c_ftkurvpd  -  interpolation for closed parametric curves.

 c_ftsurf    -  2D interpolation for rectangular data.

 c_ftseti    -  set values for int parameters.

 c_ftgeti    -  get values for int parameters.

 c_ftsetr    -  set values for float parameters.

 c_ftgetr    -  get values for float parameters.

 c_ftsetc    -  set values for string parameters.

 c_ftgetc    -  get values for string parameters.

 c_ftsetfa   -  set values for float arrays.

 c_ftgetfa_size  -  get array size of float array.

 c_ftgetfa_data  -  get float array data.


To use fitgrid entries, load the NCAR Graphics library ngmath.


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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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