fits2bitmap(1) Create a bitmap file from a FITS image.


usage: fits2bitmap [-h] [-e hdu] [-o filename] [--scale SCALE] [--power POWER]
[--asinh_a ASINH_A] [--min_cut MIN_CUT] [--max_cut MAX_CUT] [--min_percent MIN_PERCENT] [--max_percent MAX_PERCENT] [--percent PERCENT] [--cmap colormap_name] filename [filename ...]

positional arguments:

Path to one or more FITS files to convert

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-e hdu, --ext hdu
specify the HDU extension number or name
-o filename
Filename for the output image (Default is a PNG file with the same name as the FITS file)
--scale SCALE
Type of image scaling ("linear", "sqrt", "power", "log", or "asinh")
--power POWER
Power index for "power" scaling
--asinh_a ASINH_A
The value in normalized image where the asinh curve transitions from linear to logarithmic behavior (used only for "asinh" scaling)
--min_cut MIN_CUT
The pixel value of the minimum cut level
--max_cut MAX_CUT
The pixel value of the maximum cut level
--min_percent MIN_PERCENT
The percentile value used to determine the minimum cut level
--max_percent MAX_PERCENT
The percentile value used to determine the maximum cut level
--percent PERCENT
The percentage of the image values used to determine the pixel values of the minimum and maximum cut levels
--cmap colormap_name
matplotlib color map name