fitscopy(1) copy FITS files with optional filtering


fitscopy inputfile outputfile


Copy an input file to an output file, optionally filtering the file in the process. This seemingly simple program can apply powerful filters which transform the input file as it is being copied. Filters may be used to extract a subimage from a larger image, select rows from a table, filter a table with a GTI time extension or a SAO region file, create or delete columns in a table, create an image by binning (histogramming) 2 table columns, and convert IRAF format *.imh or raw binary data files into FITS images.


simple file copy
stdin to stdout
fitscopy - -
copy a subimage
IRAF image to FITS
fitscopy iniraf.imh
raw array to FITS
fitscopy in.dat[i512,512]
copy rows with pi>35
bin an image
fitscopy[events][bin X,Y]
new x column
fitscopy[events][col x=.9*y]
time filter
spatial filter

Note that it may be necessary to enclose the input file name in single quote characters on the Unix command line.