funpack(1) FITS image decompression program


funpack [OPTION]... FILE...


funpack is an utility to restore a compressed FITS image file back to its original state.


Flags must be separate and appear before filenames. Use '-' to read from stdin.

-E HDUlist Unpack only the list of HDU names or numbers in the file.
-P pre
Prepend pre to create new output filenames.
-O name
Specify full output file name.
Recompress the output file with host GZIP program.
Overwrite input file by output file with same name.
Delete input file after writing output.
Output uncompressed file to STDOUT file stream.
List contents, files unchanged.
Don't update FITS checksum keywords.
Verbose mode; list each file as it is processed.
Show this message.
Show version number.