fl-run-test(1) runs a funkload test file


fl-run-test [ options ] file [ class.method | class | suite ]


A FunkLoad test can be used like a standard unittest using a unittest.main() and a 'python MyFile.py'.

Note that fl-run-test can be used to launch normal unittest.TestCase and (if you use python2.4) doctest in a plain text file or embedded in a python docstring. The --debug option makes doctests verbose.


show program's version number and exit
--help, -h
show this help message and exit
--quiet, -q
Minimal output.
--verbose, -v
Verbose output.
--debug, -d
FunkLoad and doctest debug output.
Debug level 3 is more verbose.
Base URL to bench without ending '/'.
Minumum sleep time between request.
Maximum sleep time between request.
Directory to dump html pages.
--firefox-view, -V
Real time view using firefox, you must have a running instance of firefox in the same host.
Monochrome output.
--loop-on-pages=LOOP_STEPS, -lLOOP_STEPS
Loop as fast as possible without concurrency on pages expect a page number or a slice like 3:5. Output some statistics.
--loop-number=LOOP_NUMBER, -nLOOP_NUMBER
Number of loop.
Do not fail if css/image links are not reachable.
Don't load additional links like css or images when fetching an html page.
Stop tests on first failure or error.
--regex=REGEX, -eREGEX
The test names must match the regex.
Just list the test names.
Pause between request, press ENTER to continue.


Funkload was written by Benoit Delbosc.

This manual page was written by Jose Parrella <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).