flatpak-build-export(1) Create a repository from a build directory


flatpak build-export [OPTION...] LOCATION DIRECTORY [BRANCH]


Creates or updates a repository with an application build. LOCATION is the location of the repository. DIRECTORY must be a finalized build directory. If BRANCH is not specified, it is assumed to be "master".

If LOCATION exists, it is assumed to be an OSTree repository, otherwise a new OSTree repository is created at this location. The repository can be inspected with the ostree tool.

The contents of DIRECTORY are committed on the branch with name app/APPNAME/ARCH/BRANCH, where ARCH is the architecture of the runtime that the application is using. A commit filter is used to enforce that only the contents of the files/ and export/ subdirectories and the metadata file are included in the commit, anything else is ignored.

The repo-update command should be used to update repository metadata whenever application builds are added to a repository.


The following options are understood:

-h, --help

Show help options and exit.

-s, --subject=SUBJECT

One line subject for the commit message.

-b, --body=BODY

Full description for the commit message.


Specify the architecture component of the branch to export. Only host compatible architectures can be specified.


Exclude files matching PATTERN from the commit.


Don't exclude files matching PATTERN from the commit, even if they match the --export patterns.


Use the specified filename as metadata in the exported app instead of the default file (called metadata). This is useful if you want to commit multiple things from a single build tree, typically used in combination with --files and --exclude.


Use the files in the specified subdirectory as the file contents, rather than the regular files directory.


Run appstream-builder and to update the appstream branch after build.


Sign the commit with this GPG key


GPG Homedir to use when looking for keyrings


Export a runtime instead for an app (this uses the usr subdir as files).

-v, --verbose

Print debug information during command processing.


Print version information and exit.


$ flatpak build-export ~/repos/gnome-calculator/ ~/build/gnome-calculator/ org.gnome.Calculator

Commit: 9d0044ea480297114d03aec85c3d7ae3779438f9d2cb69d717fb54237acacb8c
Metadata Total: 605
Metadata Written: 5
Content Total: 1174
Content Written: 1
Content Bytes Written: 305