flatpak-remote-ls(1) Show available runtimes and applications


flatpak remote-ls [OPTION...] REMOTE


Shows runtimes and applications that are available in the remote repository with the name REMOTE. You can find all configured remote repositories with flatpak list-repos.

Unless overridden with the --user option, this command uses the system-wide configuration.


The following options are understood:

-h, --help

Show help options and exit.


Use the per-user configuration.


Use the system-wide configuration.

-d, --show-details

Show arches, branches and commit ids, in addition to the names.


Show only runtimes, omit applications.


Show only applications, omit runtimes.


Show only those which have updates available.


Show only those matching the specied architecture. By default, only supported architectures are shown. Use --arch=* to show all archtectures.

-v, --verbose

Print debug information during command processing.


Print version information and exit.


$ flatpak --user remote-ls --only-apps testrepo