flowscan(1) flow-based IP traffic analysis and visualization tool


flowscan [-hv] [-w secs] [-s bytes] FlowScanClass [...]


-guse this glob (file pattern match) when looking for raw flow files to be processed. Defaults to: 'flows.*:*[0-9]' (mnemonic: 'g'lob)
-hshows this usage information (mnemonic: 'h'elp)
-vverbose - show warnings (mnemonic: 'v'erbose)
-w secsprocess the flow files, and wait secs seconds for new ones to appear. Flow file will be globbed using "flows.*:*[0-9]". (Don't pass flow file names as arguments when using this option.)
-s bytesskip processing of files of size greater than bytes (mnemonic: 's'kip 's'ize)


This manual page was written by Anibal Monsalve Salazar, for the Debian Project.