flvtool2(1) a manipulation tool for flash video files


flvtool2 [-ACDPUVaciklnoprstvx]...[-key:value]...in-path|stdin[out-path|stdout]


If out-path is omitted, in-path will be overwritten. In-path can be a single file, or a directory. If in-path is a directory, out-path has to be likewise, or can be omitted. Directory recursion is controlled by the -r switch. You can use stdin and stdout keywords as in- and out-path for piping or redirecting.

Chain commands like that: -UP (updates FLV file than prints out meta data)


Adds tags from -t tags-file
Cuts file using -i inpoint and -o outpoint
Debugs file (writes a lot to stdout)
Helpscreen will be shown
Prints out meta data to stdout
Updates FLV with an onMetaTag event


Collapse space between cut regions
Compatibility mode calculates some onMetaTag values differently
Key-value-pair for onMetaData tag (overwrites generated values)
-i timestamp
Inpoint for cut command in miliseconds
Keyframe mode slides onCuePoint(navigation) tags added by the add command to nearest keyframe position
Logs FLV stream reading to stream.log in current directory
Number of tag to debug
-o timestamp
Outpoint for cut command in miliseconds
Preserve mode only updates FLVs that have not been processed before
Recursion for directory processing
Simulation mode never writes FLV data to out-path
-t path
Tagfile (MetaTags written in XML)
Verbose mode
XML mode instead of YAML mode


flvtool2 was written by Norman Timmler <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Todd Troxell <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).