formmailtest(1) attempt to use formmail to relay to a DSBL-complaint host


formmailtest <url> [<spoof recipient>]


formmailtest attempts to connect to the specified host and uses several different to attempt to relay through the FormMail script located at <url>. It can do more tests if the normal recipient for that FormMail script is provided as <spoof recipient>, but it can quite often relay without.

Tests are done with both GET and POST to attempt to bypass any firewall/httpd.conf/.htaccess pseudo-security.

In the tests described below, DOMAIN is the section of <spoof recipient> after the @ sign, USER is the section before, and DASHDOMAIN is DOMAIN after all periods have been replaced by dashes.

[email protected]!listme
realname=&email=\nCc: [email protected]&recipient=()
realname=)\nCc: [email protected] (&recipient=()!listme@DOMAIN
[email protected](DOMAIN
recipient=<[email protected]>DOMAIN
realname=&email=\nCc: [email protected]&recipient=DOMAIN
realname=)\nCc: [email protected] (&email=&recipient=DOMAIN
[email protected](USER@DASHDOMAIN
recipient=<[email protected]>USER@DASHDOMAIN


Ian Gulliver <[email protected]>