fuse-zip(1) a FUSE filesystem for zip archives with write support


fuse-zip [options] zip-file mount-point


print help
print version
open archive in read-only mode
-o opt[,opt...]
mount options
don't detach from terminal
turn on debugging, also implies -f

If you want to specify character set conversion for file names in archive, use the following fusermount options:


See FUSE documentation for details.


fuse-zip is a fuse filesystem, that enables any program to work with a ZIP archive as though it is a plain directory. Unlike KIO or Gnome VFS, it can be used in any application without modifications.

Unlike other FUSE filesystems, only fuse-zip provides write support to ZIP archives. Also, fuse-zip is faster that all known implementations on large archives with many files.

Since version 0.3.0 fuse-zip has support for absolute and parent-relative paths in file names, but only in read-only mode (-r command line switch). Absolute paths are displayed under "ROOT" directory, every ".." in path replaced by "UP" in directory name and "normal" files are placed under "CUR" directory.

Support for UNIX file permissions and owner information has been added in version 0.4. See PERMISSIONS for details.


General usage would look like this

1mkdir /tmp/zipArchive
2fuse-zip foobar.zip /tmp/zipArchive
3(do something with the mounted file system)
4fusermount -u /tmp/zipArchive

Be patient. Wait for fuse-zip process finish after unmounting, especially on a big archives.


Access check will not be performed unless -o default_permissions mount option is given.


see this file in case any errors occur


This is Free Software; this software is licensed under the LGPL version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation, or later. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


Alexander Galanin <[email protected]> http://galanin.nnov.ru/~al
This manual page was originally written by Kirill Zaitsev <[email protected]>. Updated by Alexander Galanin.