Galeon(1) gecko-based GNOME web browser


galeon [OPTION...] [URL...]


Galeon is a GNOME web browser using the Mozilla rendering and networking engines.


Galeon accepts the following options:

Help options

-?, --help
Show summary of options.
Display brief usage message.

GNOME options

Disable sound server usage
Enable sound server usage
Host:port on which the sound server to use is running
Print version number and exit

GTK options

Gdk debugging flags to set
Gdk debugging flags to unset
X display to use
Make X calls synchronous
Don't use X shared memory extension
Program name as used by the window manager
Program class as used by the window manager
Gtk+ debugging flags to set
Gtk+ debugging flags to unset
Make all warnings fatal
Load an additional Gtk module

GNOME GUI options


Session management options

Specify session management ID
Specify prefix of saved configuration
Disable connection to session manager

OAF options

Object directory to use when registering servers
File descriptor to print IOR on
IID to activate
Prevent registering of server with OAF

Galeon options

-n, --new-tab
Open a new tab in an existing Galeon window
-w, --new-window
Open a new window in an existing Galeon process
Do not raise the window when opening a page in an existing Galeon process
-f, --fullscreen
Run galeon in full screen mode
-x, --existing
Attempt to load URL in existing Galeon window
-p, --panel
Open as a panel applet
-s, --server
Don't open any windows; instead act as a server for quick startup of new Galeon instances
-t, --add-bookmark=URL
Add a temp bookmark (don't open any window)
-g, --geometry=GEOMETRY
Create the initial window with the given geometry. See X(1) for the GEOMETRY format
-c, --close
Close all Galeon windows
-q, --quit
Same as --close, but exits server mode too


Written by Marco Pesenti Gritti, Remco de Jong, Ricardo Fern√°ndez Pascual, Nate Case, Bob Phan, Matt Aubury, Joshua Horvath, Yanko Kaneti, Philip Langdale and Matthew Mueller.


Please report bugs at


Copyright © 2000-2001 Marco Pesenti Gritti
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


The webpage for Galeon is at Here you can find info about Galeon and download the latest version.