gallina(1) extracts specification from Coq vernacular files


gallina [ - ] [ -stdout ] [ -nocomments ] file ...


gallina takes Coq files as arguments and builds the corresponding specification files. The Coq file foo.v gives bearth to the specification file foo.g. The suffix '.g' stands for Gallina.

For that purpose, gallina removes all commands that follow a "Theorem", "Lemma", "Fact", "Remark" or "Goal" statement until it reaches a command "Abort.", "Save.", "Qed.", "Defined." or "Proof <...>.". It also removes every "Hint", "Syntax", "Immediate" or "Transparent" command.

Files without the .v suffix are ignored.


Prints the result on standard output.
Coq source is taken on standard input. The result is printed on standard output.
Comments are removed in the *.g file.


Nested comments are correctly handled. In particular, every command "Save." or "Abort." in a comment is not taken into account.


Please report any bug to [email protected]