gcap(1) Youtube closed caption downloader


gcap [-i] [-t] [-r <regexp>] [--proxy=<addr> | --no-proxy]
     [--help] <url> | <video_id>


gcap is a command line tool for downloading Youtube closed captions. The downloaded closed captions are saved in SubRip (srt) file format. The srt files are saved as ``$videoid_$langid.srt'' by default.


Print help and exit.
Print version and exit.
-q, --quiet
Be quiet.
-i, --interactive
Open the interactive prompt which can be used to select the items. gcap selects all items by default. See also ``INTERACTIVE PROMPT''.
-t, --title
Parse video title and use it in the output filename(s) instead of video ID. The default is no.
-r, --regexp=arg
Cleanup video title using the specified arg regular expression. The default is ``/(\w|\s)/g''.
--proxy arg
Use arg for HTTP proxy, e.g. ``http://foo:1234''. Overrides the http_proxy environment setting.
Disable use of HTTP proxy. Overrides both "--proxy" and http_proxy environment settings.


Use the "--interactive" switch to open the prompt. Note that gcap uses (as of 0.1.0) the Umph::Prompt module for this. Once the prompt opens, type ``help'' to get a list of commands available to the prompt.


gcap 0QRO3gKj3qw
gcap "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QRO3gKj3qw"
Both yield the same results.
gcap -ti 0QRO3gKj3qw
Same as above two but use video title in the filename and choose which of the closed captions should be downloaded.


Exits 0 on success, otherwise 1.


$HOME/.gcaprc, for example:
echo ``--interactive'' >> ~/.gcaprc


The following error message produced by gcap (or the XML::DOM module) typically indicates that the video does not have any closed captions available for it (URL omitted for brewity):

  Couldn't parsefile [...] with LWP: no element found at line 1,
  column 0, byte -1 at [...]/XML/Parser.pm [...]
gcap depends on XML::DOM which uses LWP::UserAgent to download the data. Note that LWP::UserAgent reads http_proxy environment setting. e.g.:

  env http_proxy=http://foo:1234 gcap video_id


Toni Gundogdu <legatvs at sign cpan org>