gclear_ws(3) clears a workstation.


#include <ncarg/gks.h>

void gclear_ws(Gint ws_id, Gctrl_flag ctrl_flag);


(Input) - A number identifying the workstation to be cleared. ws_id must be the same as that used in some previous gopen_ws call.
(Input) - Clear the workstation display surface. Options are:
Check to see if the display surface is empty. If so, do not issue a clear surface command.
Issue a clear surface command whether the surface has been written to or not.


For workstations of type "1" (CGM), gclear_ws is interpreted as a picture termination in CGM generation. If ctrl_flag = GFLAG_COND and no output primitives have been written in the current picture, then a call to gclear_ws is a "do nothing"; otherwise, it generates an END PICTURE element (as well as other picture initializing elements). If ctrl_flag = GFLAG_ALWAYS, then a call to gclear_ws generates an END PICTURE.

For workstations of types "7" or "8" (see the man page for gopen_ws for a description of workstation types) clear workstations erases all primitives that appear on the screen.

For all other workstation types, clear workstation simply updates the workstation.


To use the GKS C-binding routines, load the ncarg_gks and ncarg_c libraries.


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