Genome::Model::Tools(3) base namespace for command modules


Modules with names starting with Genome::Model::Tools are directly invokable by the ``genome'' command, installed with the core Genome package.

These modules all inherit from Command and use UR for their class definitions.

  • Copy the to and try ``gmt'' in the same directory for an example tool.
  • See Command for details on how to write commands.
  • See UR for details on writing UR classes in general.


This software is developed by the analysis and engineering teams at The Genome Center at Washington Univiersity in St. Louis, with funding from the National Human Genome Research Institute.


This software is copyright Washington University in St. Louis. It is released under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) version 3. See the associated LICENSE file in this distribution.


For defects with any software in the genome namespace, contact [email protected]