getbbox(1) compute bounding box for RADIANCE scene


getbbox [ -w ][ -h ] [ input .. ]


Getbbox reads each scene description input and computes the minimum axis-aligned parallelopiped that will enclose all of the objects. Each input can be either a file name, or a command (enclosed in quotes and preceded by a `!'). If no arguments are given, the standard input is read. A hyphen ('-') can also be used to indicate the standard input.

The -w option suppresses warnings. The -h option suppresses the header line "xmin xmax ymin ymax zmin zmax".


To compute the bounding box for the object ``thingy'':
getbbox thingy

To preview ``scene'':

preview -v FOUR -b `getbbox -h scene` scene


Since expanding a scene can require considerable overhead, it is better to use the bounding cube produced by oconv(1) and read by getinfo(1) if an octree exists for the scene. However, there are certain circumstances, such as foreign object placement, that require knowing the bounding box rather than just the bounding cube.


Greg Ward


Work on this program was sponsored by the LESO group at EPFL in Switzerland.