getfits(1) AME


getfits ,-sv /[,-i num/] [,-o name/] [,-d dir/] ,file.fits xrange yrange/...


Extract FITS files from FITS image files
or : getfits -sv [-i num] [-o name] [-d dir] file.fits [x y dx [dy] ... or : getfits [-sv1][-i num][-o name] [-d path] @fitslist xrange yrange or : getfits [-sv1][-i num][-o name] [-d path] @fitslist x y dx [dy] xrange: Columns to extract in format x1-x2 yrange: Rows to extract in format y1-y2 x y: Center pixel of region to extract
column row or hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss system (sky coordinates)
dx dy: Width and height in pixels of region to extract
(Height is same as width if omitted)
-d dir: write FITS file(s) to this directory
-i num: log rows as they are copied at this interval
-k file: file of keyword names to delete from output header
-o name: output name for one file
-s: write output to standard output
-x dx dy: dimensions of image section to be extracted
-v: verbose