gethead(1) Print FITS or IRAF header keyword values


gethead [-hptv] [-d pathname] [-n num] <FITS or IRAF file> kw1 kw2 ... kwn


Print values of the specified keywords from the given image header. By default they are all listed on one line, separated by spaces. The -v flag causes the keyword names and values to be printed, one keyword per line. To read keywords from a list of files, substitute @<listfile> for the file names on the command line. To read a lot of keywords, put them, one per line, in a file and substitute @<keylistfile> on the command line. If two @ commands are present, the program will figure out which contains file names and which contains keywords.


List file name even if keywords are not found
Root directory for input files (default is cwd)
Output keyword=value's on one line per file
Never print filenames (default is to print them if more than one)
Output keyword=value's on one line per keyword
flag causes the keyword names to be printed at top of columns.
Number of decimal places in numeric output
OR conditions instead of ANDing them
Print full pathnames of files
flag causes the output to be in tab-separated tables with keyword column headings.
Always print ___ if keyword not found, event if only one keyword in search
Print output as <keyword>=<value>, one per line


Doug Mink, SAO ([email protected])