git-annex-schedule(1) get or set scheduled jobs


git annex schedule repository [expression]


The git-annex-assistant(1) daemon can be configured to run scheduled jobs. This is similar to cron and anacron (and you can use them if you prefer), but has the advantage of being integrated into git-annex, and so being able to e.g., fsck a repository on a removable drive when the drive gets connected.

When run with an expression, configures scheduled jobs to run at a particular time. This can be used to make the assistant periodically run incremental fscks.

When run without an expression, outputs the current scheduled jobs for the repository.


These actions are available: "fsck self", "fsck UUID" (where UUID is the UUID of a remote to fsck). After the action comes the duration to allow the action to run, and finally the schedule of when to run it.

To schedule multiple jobs, separate them with "; ".

Some examples:

 fsck self 30m every day at any time
 fsck self 1h every month at 3 AM
 fsck self 1h on day 1 of every month at any time
 fsck self 1h every week divisible by 2 at any time


Joey Hess <[email protected]>