git-missing(1) Show commits missing from another branch


git-missing [<first branch>] <second branch> [<git log options>]


Shows commits that are in either of two branches but not both. Useful for seeing what would come across in a merge or push.


[<first branch>]

First branch to compare. If not specified, defaults to currently checked out branch.

<second branch>

Second branch to compare.

[<git log options>]

Any flags that should be passed to 'git log', such as --no-merges.


Show commits on either my current branch or master but not both:
$ git missing master
< d14b8f0 only on current checked out branch
> 97ef387 only on master

Show commits on either branch foo or branch bar but not both:

$ git missing foo bar
< b8f0d14 only on foo
> f38797e only on bar


Written by Nate Jones <[email protected]>