gitstats(1) git history statistics generator


gitstats [options] <repository dir> <output dir>


gitstats is a statistics generator for git(1) repositories. It examines the repository and produces some interesting statistics from the history of it. Currently HTML is the only output format.


-c option=value

Override a default configuration value. Defaults can be seen by running gitstats without parameters.


How many top authors to show.
commit_begin, commit_end
Specify a commit range to generate statistics from. You can specify only commit_end limit statistics to a certain commit or another branch.
When enabled, the lines of code statistics are collected from linear history. The downside is that commits of long feature branches appear only at the point where a merge commit is made.

If disabled (old behaviour), the problem is that if two branches contain the same changes (for example, removal of same lines), the statistics get skewed.

Defaults to on.

How many authors to show in the list of authors.
How many domains to show in domains by commits.
Maximum file extension length.
Number of concurrent processes to use when extracting git repository data.
Project name to show on the generated pages. Default is to use basename of the repository directory.
Specify a starting date to pass with --since to git.
CSS stylesheet to use.


Q: How do I generate statistics of a non-master branch?

A: Use "-c commit_end=web" parameter.

Q: I have files in my git repository that I would like to exclude from the statistics, how do I do that?

A: At the moment the only way is to use git-filter-branch(1) to create a temporary repository and generate the statistics from that.

Q: How do I merge author information when the same author has made commits using different names or emails ?

A: Use git .mailmap feature described in MAPPING AUTHORS of git-shortlog(1).


Generates statistics from a git repository in "foo" and outputs the result in a directory "foo_stats":
  gitstats foo foo_stats
As above, but only analyzes the last 10 commits:
  gitstats -c commit_begin='HEAD~10' foo foo_stats


gitstats was written by Heikki Hokkanen and others.

See the git repository at for an up-to-date full list of contributors.