GKS(3) GKS (the Graphical Kernel System) is a set of low-level graphics


GACTM - Accumulate transformation matrix.
GACWK - Activate workstation.
GCA - Cell array.
GCLKS - Close GSK.
GCLRWK - Clear workstation.
GCLSG - Close segment.
GCLWK - Close workstation.
GCRSG - Create segment.
GCSGWK - Copy segment to workstation.
GDAWK - Deactivate workstation.
GDSG - Delete segment.
GESC - Escape.
GEVTM - Evaluate transformation matrix.
GFA - Fill area.
GOPWK - Open workstation.
GPL - Polyline.
GPM - Polymarker.
GQASF - Inquire aspect source flags.
GQCHH - Inquire character height.
GQCHSP - Inquire character spacing.
GQCHUP - Inquire character up vector.
GQCHXP - Inquire character expansion factor.
GQCLIP - Inquire clipping indicator.
GQCNTN - Inquire current normalization transformation number.
GQCR - Inquire color representation.
GQFACI - Inquire fill area color index.
GQFAIS - Inquire fill area interior style.
GQFASI - Inquire fill area style index.
GQLN - Inquire line type.
GQLWSC - Inquire linewidth scale factor.
GQMK - Inquire marker type.
GQMKSC - Inquire marker size scale factor.
GQMNTN - Inquire maximum normalization transformation number.
GQNT - Inquire normalization transformation.
GQOPS - Inquire operating state value.
GQOPSG - Inquire name of open segment.
GQPLCI - Inquire polyline color index.
GQPMCI - Inquire polymarker color index.
GQSGUS - Inquire set of segment names in use.
GQTXAL - Inquire text alignment.
GQTXCI - Inquire text color index.
GQTXFP - Inquire text font and precision.
GQTXP - Inquire text path.
GSASF - Set aspect source flags.
GSCHH - Set character height.
GSCHSP - Set character spacing.
GSCHUP - Set character up vector.
GSCHXP - Set character expansion factor.
GSCLIP - Set clipping indicator.
GSCR - Set color representation.
GSELNT - Select normalization transformation.
GSFACI - Set fill area color index.
GSFAIS - Set fill area interior style.
GSFASI - Set fill are style index.
GSLN - Set line type.
GSLWSC - Set linewidth scale factor.
GSMK - Set marker type.
GSMKSC - Set marker size scale factor.
GSPLCI - Polyline color index.
GSPMCI - (Set polymarker color index.
GSSGT - Set segment transformation.
GSTXAL - Set text alignment.
GSTXCI - Set text color index.
GSTXFP - Set text font and precision.
GSTXP - Set text path.
GSVP - Set viewport.
GSWN - Set window.
GTX - Text.
GUWK - Update workstation.


To use any of the functions in NCAR GKS, load the NCAR GKS library ncarg_gks.


See the UserDoc "User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics" for a complete list of error numbers and messages.


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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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