gl_getpalettecolors(3) read the color palette

Other Alias

gl_getpalettecolor, gl_getpalette


#include <vgagl.h>

void gl_getpalettecolor(int c, int *r, int *g, int *b);
void gl_getpalettecolors(int s, int n, void *dp);
void gl_getpalette(void *dp);


gl_getpalettecolor gets red, green and blue values (in the range 0 - 63) of color c from the color-lookup-table, and stores them as integers in the memory locations pointed to by r, g and b.

gl_getpalettecolors gets RGB values of n colors starting at s, which are stored as a table of groups of three bytes each at dp.

gl_getpalette is equivalent to getpalettecolors(0, 256, dp).

vga_ext_set(3) might change the range of the colors returned to 0 - 255.


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