glare(1) perform glare and visual comfort calculations


glare [ glarefile [ picture [ octree ] ] ]


Glare is an interactive script for executing programs used to locate glare sources and compute glare indices and visual comfort probability. If no glarefile is given, the program prompts the user for a one. If the file does not exist, glare asks the user some questions about the scene in question then runs findglare(1) to compute values to store in the file. Glare then presents the user a menu of available glare index calculations. After choosing a calculation, glare offers to store the result (usually not useful) or plot the information (but only for multiple glare angles).

If you are creating a new glarefile, it usually works best to start with a displayed image for reference during the interrogation.


Greg Ward


Work on this program was initiated and sponsored by the LESO group at EPFL in Switzerland.