gnome-launch-box(1) An application launcher for GNOME


gnome-launch-box Launch Box is an application launcher for the GNOME Environnement. Currently supported modules are:

 Application starting and launch

 Evolution contacts lookup and mail to

 Recent files lookup and open

 Files in your desktop and open

 Firefox bookmarks lookup and opening


gnome-launch-box is a program that launch other application when you type the beginning of the name of the application. You can launch gnome-launch-box with the command line or the shortcut Alt+Space if this is not use by another application.


gnome-launch-box was written by Anders Carlsson <[email protected]>,Michael Natterer <[email protected]>, Mikael Hallendal <[email protected]>, Richard Hult <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Julien Lavergne <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).