gnss-sdr(1) GNSS Software Defined Receiver.


gnss-sdr -config_file=<path-to-configuration-file> [OPTION]...


gnss-sdr is a Global Navigation Satellite Systems Software Defined Receiver written in C++. It implements all the signal processing chain, taking as input raw samples coming from the output of an Analog-to-Digital Converter, and processing them up to the computation of the Position-Velocity-Time solution, including the generation of code and phase measurements. .TP gnss-sdr is able to work with raw data files or, if there is computational power enough, in real time with suitable radio frequency front-ends. The whole receiver is defined in a single configuration file, and therefore users can define theirs.


gnss-sdr takes the following options:
-config_file=<path-to-configuration-file> Set the configuration file.
-signal_source=<path-to-raw-signal-file> If defined, path to the file containing the signal samples (overrides the data file specified in the configuration file).
-log_dir=<path-to-directory> If defined, overrides the default directory where logs are saved.
-RINEX_version=<version> Specifies the RINEX version (2.11 or 3.02). Default: "3.02".
-version Print program version and exit.
-help Print all the available commandline flags and exit.


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Carles Fernandez-Prades ([email protected]) .TP This software package has been developed at CTTC (Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, with contributions from around the world.