gpiv_recimg(1) captures images from a IIDC-compliant camera with IEE1394


gpiv_recimg [-f filename] [-h | --help] [-v | --version] [-V | --verbose] [-x | --x_corr] < stdin > stdout


gpiv_recimg records image pairs for Particle Image velocimetry (PIV). The code supports IIDC-compliant cameras that are connected to the computer with IEEE1394. Such an image pair may be analysed by gpiv_rr in the cross-correlation mode for PIV.

This program uses the IMG parameters. The command line options are explained below.


-f filename Overrides stdin and stdout with filename. The filename has to be given without its .r extension. Output will be written to filename.r.
-h | --help
On-line help.
-v | --version
Print version information on standard output, then exit successfully.
-V | --verbose
program behaves more verbose during operation showing what is going on
-x | --x_corr
Records two succesive image frames for cross-correlation and stores as a single image. In this case, gpiv_combing is not needed.


Gerber Van der Graaf


The program is still in a very prelimary state.