gpr(1) a graphical frontend for lpr.


gpr [-h] [--help] [-P <printer>] [-J <job name>] [-r] [-n] [-p <flag>] [filename]...


gpr is a graphical interface to lpr that provides for easy configuration of printer-specific options. gpr interfaces with a PostScript printer's PPD file to create a user-interface of configurable options. Based upon user choice, the device-specific option code is then inserted into the PostScript job and sent to the printer. This can be used to tell the printer to duplex or staple the print job, or tell it what paper tray to draw paper from. NOTE: gpr will detect if the file to be print is postscript, and, if not, it will call a2ps to preprocess it before sending it to ppdfilt and to lpr.


gpr accepts the following options:

-h, --help
Show summary of options.

Specify a destination printer

Enable debugging output

lpr option: Job name to print on burst page

lpr option: Remove the files upon completion of spooling

gpr option: Print the command line rather than executing the command


gpr option: Use ppdfilt: 0 = Never, 1 = Always, 2 = with non-default PPD


The webpage for the GNULpr suite is at