gpt(1) compiler, interpreter and translator for the G-Portugol programming language


  gpt [ -vhid ] [ -ots output_file ] file1 file2 ...


gpt is a simple compiler for the G-Porutol Language. It is possible to have a list of files to be included in the compilation setting the GPT_INCLUDE environment variable, wich should have a list of file paths separated with ":".


Shows version information and exits.
Shows a summary of options and exits.
Execute interpreting the source code.
Shows tips in the error report.
-o output_file
Compile the source code and save the resulting binary with the name output_file.
-t output_file
Translates the source code to the C programming language and saves the resulting file as output_file.
-s output_file
Compiles the source code to assembly source. Saves the resulting code as output_file.


For further information, visit the website:


Thiago Silva <[email protected]>