gptsync(8) GPT partition table to MBR partition table synchronisation


gptsync [-q] [-t] device


gptsync reads the GPT partition table on device and synchronises the legacy MBR partition table with the GPT partition table. The MBR partition table can hold only 4 partitions.

Legacy bootloaders or operating systems that do not support GPT require an MBR partition table; this is typically the case when using GRUB or LILO on an Intel-based Apple machine.


Do not print any message, do not prompt to modify the MBR.
Truncate partitions starting or expending beyond 2 TiB (MBR limitation). Default is to ignore such partitions.


gptsync was written by Christoph Pfisterer.

This manual page was written by Junichi Uekawa <[email protected]> and Julien BLACHE <[email protected]>, for the Debian Project (but may be used by others).