Graph::Easy::Layout::Grid(3) Grid management and size calculation


use Graph::Easy;
my $graph = Graph::Easy->new();
my $bonn = Graph::Easy::Node->new(
name => 'Bonn',
my $berlin = Graph::Easy::Node->new(
name => 'Berlin',
$graph->add_edge ($bonn, $berlin);
print $graph->as_ascii( );
# prints:
# +------+ +--------+
# | Bonn | --> | Berlin |
# +------+ +--------+


"Graph::Easy::Layout::Grid" contains routines that calculate cell sizes on the grid, which is necessary for ASCII, boxart and SVG output.

Used automatically by Graph::Easy.


Exports nothing.


This module injects the following methods into Graph::Easy:


        my ($rows,$cols,$max_x,$max_y, \@V) = $graph->_prepare_layout();

Returns two hashes ($rows and $cols), containing the columns and rows of the layout with their nec. sizes (in chars) plus the maximum framebuffer size nec. for this layout. Also returns reference of a list of all cells to be rendered.


Copyright (C) 2004 - 2006 by Tels <>.

See the LICENSE file for information.