griffith(1) film collection manager




Griffith is a film collection manager. Adding items to the movie collection is as quick and easy as typing the film title and selecting a supported source. Griffith will then try to fetch all the related information from the Web.


-h --help
Show usage information.
-D --debug
Run in debug mode.
-C --clean
find and delete orphan files in posters directory.
check dependencies - if all needed Python modules are installed, it prints nothting.
Prints all SQL queries to standard output.
--home DIR
Set Griffith's home directory. Use this option if you want to change the default ~/.griffith

Printing movie list:

-c <expr> --cast=<expr>
cast field must contain <expr>
-d <expr> --director=<expr>
director field must contain <expr>
-o <expr> --original_title=<expr>
original title field must contain <expr>
-t <expr> --title=<expr>
title field must contain <expr>
-y <number> --year=<number>
movie must be released in year <number>
-s <columns> --sort=<columns>
set sort columns to <columns>. Example: --sort=o_title,number,director


If you want to help or report any bugs founded please visit homepage <> or <>


Griffith was written by Vasco Nunes and Piotr Ożarowski. See the AUTHORS and THANKS files for a list of other contributors.

Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Vasco Nunes <[email protected]>, Piotr Ożarowski <[email protected]>,

This man page was written by Piotr Ozarowski