gsi(1) Gambit-C Scheme Interpreter and Compiler


gsi [ -:arg,... ] [ -f ] [ -v ] [[-] [ -e ] [ file ]]...
gsc [options] [files]

gsc-script, gsi-script, scheme-ieee-1178-1990, scheme-r4rs, scheme-srfi-0, six, and six-script: currently synonyms for gsi.

scheme-r5rs is registered in the Debian alternatives system and can be configured to point at gsi.


This manual page documents briefly the gsi and gsc commands.

The Gambit-C programming system is a full implementation of the Scheme language which conforms to the R4RS, R5RS, and IEEE Scheme standards. It consists of two main programs: gsi, the Gambit Scheme interpreter, and gsc, the Gambit Scheme to C compiler. The interpreter provides an interactive environment with a debugger, while the compiler can produce stand-alone executables or modules which can be linked or loaded at run time. Interpreted code and compiled code can be freely mixed. C modules can be linked with Scheme modules.

The interpreter is executed in interactive mode when no file or `-' or `-e' option is given on the command line. When at least one file or `-' or `-e' option is present the interpreter is executed in batch mode.

Entering ,q or (exit) at the interpreter's command prompt will exit the interpreter.

In batch mode the command line arguments denote files to be loaded, REPL interactions to start (`-' option), and expressions to be evaluated (`-e' option). Note that the `-' and `-e' options can be interspersed with the files on the command line and can occur multiple times. The interpreter processes the command line arguments from left to right, loading files with the `load' procedure and evaluating expressions with the `eval' procedure in the global interaction environment. After this processing the interpreter exits.

gsc-cc-o.bat is a script called by gsc to generate object files during compilation. It takes its data from environment variables and is not intended for user interaction.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the Info files.
Initiate a REPL at this point. (Continue by issuing a ,(c 0) command at the interpreter prompt)
Comma separated list of run-time options
Evaluate an expression.
Skip initialization file.
Show version of program.


Gambit-C is Copyright (C) 1994-2008 by Marc Feeley, all rights reserved.

Gambit-C is released under a dual LGPL and Apache 2 license.
For further information refer to /usr/share/doc/gambc/copyright.

This manual page is
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Marc Feeley and Kurt B. Kaiser <[email protected]>
Released under the same license as Gambit-C.


Gambit-C was written by Marc Feeley <[email protected]>.