gtablix(1) graphical user interface for tablix written with perl/gtk2


gtablix [-lang=CODE] file


GTablix is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Tablix</span>, the highschool timetable generator. Tablix uses XML formated data file to create a timetable. GTablix was originaly meant to ease the creation and maintance of these XML files. Now it can also run Tablix from within GTablix and track it's progress in real-time. This should be usefull, since Tablix is meant to run on computer clusters and because it uses the genetic algorithm, that can fall into a loop.

The main features are import and export of proper tablix formatted xml, editing of tuples, tracking tablix progress and handling modules and restrictions, preview and export of generated timetables. Thus it is an efective frontend to tablix, tablix_modinfo, tablix_output and tablix_plot.


When you run gtablix
 it reads in the list of avaliable Tablix modules in the standard directory and shows it. If you select a module, you get a brief description of it, as reported by tablix_modinfo. Three other default options are also predefined: "work days", "periods per day" and "encoding". Other than that you get a blank project. 

You can imediatly begin writing your data into the "Databases" and "Timetable" tabs or import the data from an existing tablix formated XML file (File->Open) or from properly formated text files (File->Import) for data on teachers, subjects, classes and classrooms. These must be plain text, tab delimited files in utf-8. encoding.

For more extensive help go to gtablix homepage or read the manual included with this distribution.


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Bostjan Spetic ([email protected])