gtk-led-askpass(1) password dialog suitable for use with ssh-add


gtk-led-askpass [question]


gtk-led-askpass is a GTK+-based passphrase dialog suitable for use with the ssh-add(1) command. ssh-add will try to execute the commands $SSH_ASKPASS or ssh-askpass if the $DISPLAY environment variable is set and its standard input is not a terminal. These conditions are automatically true if ssh-add is invoked from within xsession(5) or as part of the GNOME login procedure. Assuming $DISPLAY is set correctly, "ssh-add < /dev/null" will work within a terminal.

You can express a preference for gtk-led-askpass over other ssh-askpass implementations by setting the $SSH_ASKPASS environment variable.

gtk-led-askpass recognizes Backspace for deleting a character and Control-u for deleting all characters.

gtk-led-askpass encodes non-ASCII input characters in UTF-8.


Optionally, the question to ask the user.


Dafydd Harries <[email protected]>